Go wherever it takes, but always come back with a good story.

Over the past few years I've visited cities, villages, statues, mountains, rivers, vineyards, castles and cathedrals all around the world. I am a firm believer in getting to know the culture & the people rather than just getting caught in the tourist traps. There is a good story in every trip, if you let the organic moments happen.

I write freelance articles and have been published in major international, national and regional publications. I also write a monthly travel column for a group of local Massachusetts newspapers.

I am available for freelance opportunities.

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, February 2013


- Passing on the travel torch - MetroWest Daily News, September, 2014

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- Rewriting History in Jamestown, Virginia - MetroWest Daily News, December, 2013

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- The Beauty of Off-Season Florence - MetroWest Daily News, April 2013

- On Hallowed Ground: Civil War tourist sites in Maryland & West Virginia - Metrowest Daily News, November, 2012


- My freelance piece on the rebuilding efforts of Cinque Terre, Italy was published in the Arizona Republic newspaper.

- I am not an original groundling (Shakespeare's Globe Theater, London) - Literary Traveler Magazine

- A day on foot in St. Andrews, Scotland; Guest blog for the official St. Andrews tourism website

- Finding cheap music in Vienna, Austria; Guest blog for Where I Am online travel magazine


January, 2012 - "A $.25 Execution: San Francisco's Musee Mecanique"
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April, 2014 - "Cherry blossoms on top in Washington, DC"
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August, 2014 - "Passing on the travel torch"
November, 2014 - "The Behemoth in Black Canyon"
December, 2014 - "Don't Pity the Gargoyles"

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