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My Novel

By Michael Hartigan


College senior Augustine Shaw broke his best friend’s heart, played a role in an accidental death, killed a classmate in cold blood – and kept it all secret. For years, Shaw’s conscience was poisoned from the inside out but now, with the end of college life teetering on the horizon, the lies are crumbling.

Hoping to leave his troubles behind, Shaw and his three closest friends escape on their last spring break trip to Key West, Florida, where hedonism is an art form and sage advice comes from old salts. But amidst the sun, sex and insobriety Shaw’s sins find him. By the time he embarks on the long journey back to school in Providence, Rhode Island, Shaw makes a life-changing decision to stop the lies and confess everything.

THE CONFESSION is a 95,000 word general fiction book about a young man consumed by guilt. The story examines the social and personal interactions that define the twenty-something generation and how one young man’s extreme guilt causes their chaotic deterioration.

A full manuscript is available upon request.